Simple Machines

A Simple Machine is an intimate object whose parts can be cradled in the palm of one’s hand. It consists of a nine volt battery, a small motor, and a small object attached to the motor’s spindle.

When assembled the machine will spin and twitch until its power runs out. The assembler must take responsibility for the amount of time it remains assembled as once the power is gone the machine will no longer function. Changing the battery will make a new machine but it will not be the same.

Alex Pearl spent the last couple of weeks making and placing simple machines around private and public spaces. They are made from the materials and waste available at those spaces and their surroundings, and as such become part of the architecture itself.

These machines act in, and record their surroundings using video and sound recording. It is hoped that they will develop an understanding of place and position within their environment and will look at engaging with the existing machinery of society, both human and non-human.